Thursday, February 21, 2008

Antique Female Urinal, USA circa 1890's

This urinal is very unique and has allot hand work even though the body's formation was accomplished by blowing hot glass into a mold.  Some older urinals are literally blown into shape, but those older pieces always show the the point where the glass is broken off from the blow pipe which is usually ground to a flat surface.  The hand finishing for this piece was extensive and included the attachment and forming of the handle.  Many times you will see the handle only attached to the body, other times it is attached to the body and the yoke, the point where the throat and the body come together (as is shown), still other times it will be joined to the throat.  The craftsmanship is shown in these details.  The opening  is also formed by hand and there is great variety in its final shape thus no two are ever exact.  Being an older model, the numbers calibrating this vessel are hand engraved.  Often you hear of these numbers being etched, but the process is done by hand with a grinding wheel not acid, again adding to its individuality and uniqueness. This piece is in very good condition with no chips or imperfections.  Air bubbles are often captured in the glass, but this is not considered a flaw.  You will notice a bubble at the lower point of the opening here.  I find these characteristics add charm to their overall appeal.  If you are interested in glass urinals I invite you to view the Blog link to the right, "Urinal Heap".         

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